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Angel Okeke Mgbajiaka

VP Communication Candidate

Angel Okeke Mgbajiaka

Having been within this role in the past year I've learnt a lot, and have so much more I want to offer SUE. In this past year I worked primarily with our social media and info slides presented in econ classes, as well as with posters found throughout campus. In this following academic year I want to expand my responsibilities having become recently aware of more responsibilities in the role as well as already grown familiar with the ins and out of SUE, I believe I'll continue to make an outstanding match for SUE.

This time around though there were more frequent posts, there wasn't enough interactive posts, therefore when making posts on the social media using instagram tools such as polls etc will help drive up traffic. In addition petitioning to convert the SUE instagram into a business account that way we can take advantage of instagrams creator's tools that allows us to track and monitor activity on our page. With instagram's insights tool we can understand what engages our followers more.

In all other areas I'm a creative and huge team player, and will always pull my own weight and help out with anyway I can!

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