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Wajih Ahmed

VP Events Candidate

Wajih Ahmed

As I will be entering my fourth year of Economics I would love to take a more active role in SUE to help improve the experience for Economics students in U of C. It's no secret that the University pays less attention to Economics than other faculties like Business or Engineering. Therefore I feel as VP Events in SUE I can use my prior experience to help improve the overall student experience in two ways.

Firstly through expanding our casual events for Economics students. These are a key place for students to get to know other students and get real advice from peers who have been in the same position as they were before. These events would be similar to the "Beer and Pizza" event we had however we can make less costly events like game nights. A loose goal would be around an event a month

Secondly through continuing and diversifying the industry nights we have held in the past. These are already wonderful opportunities for students to learn about the actual job market. Collaborating with the VP External and Director of corporate sponsorship we can try to provide more such events, even if only simple zoom meetings with more niche fields to cater to people specifically interested in things like Developmental Economics, Econometrics, etc.

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