October 26th, 2015 Newsletter

Hello once again, fellow economics students. Much has happened for Canada, and therefore much for all of us, since the last SUE newsletter. The federal election, whether you are elated or devastated by the results, marks a decisive shift in Canada's history. With all the federal change in the air and the Provincial government set to release this year's (yes, this year's) budget this Tuesday, it is natural for us economics students to pause a moment and worry about our place in it all. Though it is midterm season, it is natural to stop to ask where exactly will we end up when all the assignments and exams are over and all that matters is getting a successful and desirable job? This week SUE

A Brief Insight Into Paris 2015 and the Canadian Oil Economy

With the low oil prices, one might think how the upcoming Paris 2015 environmental treaty will hurt an already struggling Canadian energy sector. With many analysts agreeing that Paris will be the global success of its predecessor Kyoto, many feel that this would put a strain on Canada’s economy if Canada were to commit to this. Background: Kyoto, Paris 2015 Predecessor The Kyoto Protocol (Signed in 1997 to be effective in 2005) was an international treaty created in order to curb greenhouse gas emissions. Although minority scientists and some politicians disagree, this was created in order to mitigate the effects of global The countries of the treaty can roughly be classified into the follo

Ever Wonder What it is Like to Work for a World Class Investment Company?: Find Out at S.U.E.'s

Find out what it is like to work for a world class investment company at S.U.E.'s Fidelity Investments Information Session! Food will be provided! Fidelity Investments is a world wide investment company that employs thousands of economists across the globe handling over two trillion dollars of investment dollars. Chances are many of you either have your or your parent's money invested through Fidelity. SUE is proud to be hosting a Fidelity professional on Monday October 26th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm in EEEL 151 to share with students information about Fidelity. For the first hour you can listen to them speak about their experiences within the world-renowned company. Hear from an experienced in

October 13, 2015 Newsletter

Hello fellow Econs and happy belated Thanksgiving! You are likely feeling overwhelmed by looming midterms and more turkey leftovers than you can eat. But fear not! Though we ask you deal with your excess turkey on your own, SUE is here to help with both your short term stresses as a student and your long term success as an economist! These last weeks SUE's focus has been on the question 'what makes an Economics degree valuable?'. Although a big part of our focus is on your academic success it is important to remember that success as an Econ student is not just measured in GPA. The first of many posts on our blog about this issue titled "So What Can You Do With Your Economics Degree?" asks

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