January 18th, 2016 Newsletter

HELLO ECONOMICS STUDENTS and welcome to Winter Semester 2016! We, the SUE executive team, hope you had a wonderful break and a strong finish to the fall semester. We are so excited for the many events we already have lined up for this semester and we hope you can all take advantage of what we as a club have to offer! For those of you who have never gotten a newsletter from us before (or never really read them last semester- don't worry, we get it), these bi-weekly newsletters are meant to keep you updated on the latest achievements and upcoming events of SUE.You should also stay connected by liking our awesome facebook page, following us on Twitter, and frequently checking out our beautifu

An Interview with Dr. Ron Kneebone

"The best part of my job by far is to see some of my students succeed" Dr. Ronald Kneebone finished his PhD in 1988 in economics with a specialization in public finances. As is the case with most academics, his early research emphasized economic theory. Over time his research emphasis started to evolve – less in the theory part of economics but more in the practical applications. He was Director of the Institute for Advanced Policy Research (IAPR) for a few years. The IAPR’s goal was to apply the tools of economics to issues of public policy. The IAPR was absorbed into the School of Public Policy in 2009. He remains with the School of Public Policy where he is director of one of the School’s

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