SUE February 22nd Newsletter- Industry Night, Elections, And You

Before we get started, you are all invited to a SUE student mixer happening in the Red Room at the Den THIS THURSDAY February 25th from 4-6pm. Bring your smile, thoughts on economics and friends as we kick back together with our peers! In this week’s newsletter we discuss "What was so important about Industry Night?", "SUE Executive Team Elections" and "What does it look like being a SUE executive?". Scroll down to read more about each topic, including a couple of personal interviews with current SUE executives about their experiences and advice for those interested in joining the team and for econ students in general. Keep an eye out for more in depth profiles on SUE executives on our websi

My SUE Story: Meet VP Academic Branden Cave

How old are you? 21 What year are you in? 4th year. Where are you from originally? Rimbey, Alberta. What degree do you hope to graduate with? I hope to graduate with, God willing, a BA Honours in Economics. What is your position with SUE? For the last year I have been the VP Academic with SUE as well as the Economics department representative for FASA (Faculty of Arts Student Association). That includes interacting with SUE and what better way than by actually sitting on the SUE council? Describe your position with SUE in a few words as possible: I am the person who is responsible for holding the department accountable for the quality of education in the economics department Why did you choo

My SUE Story: Meet Director of Communications Tiara Kerr

How old are you?: 20 What year are you in?: 3rd year Economics Where are you from originally?: Prince George, BC! Represent! Why Economics, and was it your first choice?: I chose economics because it was the only area of study I could find that requires equal strength in both analytical/ logical/ mathematical skills and creative/ philosophical/ communication skills. I started out in business but fell in love when I read New Ideas from Dead Economists as a bonus assignment. What degree do you hope to graduate with?: Honours Bachelor of Arts Degree in Economics What is your position with SUE?: I am a Director, specifically of Ccommunications. I am like an assistant to the VP of Communications

My SUE Story: Meet VP of Finance Jeff Fong

What year are you in?: Currently I am in my 3rd year of economics Where are you from originally?: I am originally from Calgary! What degree do you hope to graduate with? (what program are you in): I hope to graduate with a BA in Economics with a concentration in Applied Energy Economics. What is your position with SUE?: I am currently the Vice President of Finance with SUE. Describe your job with SUE (in as few words as possible): My job in SUE is to manage the club’s finances, develop the relationship with current corporate sponsors and to connect with the Economics alumni of the University of Calgary. What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?: I really love to cook! W

Encouraging Economists: A Review of SUE's 2016 Industry Night Gala

If you were one of the many students who made it out to the fantastic gala, here is a reminder of the wonderful night you experienced. If you were unable to come to SUE’s biggest annual event, here is a breakdown of what you missed: On Wednesday, February 3rd 2016, while most students were busy cramming for midterms, a group of well-dressed top Economics students congregated in eagerness at the Silver Springs Golf and Country Club for the Society of Undergraduates in Economics Annual Industry Night Gala. Everyone was filled with anticipation for the opportunities to meet active economists, network with potential employers, and learn more about how to succeed as Economics students. Students g

February 1st, 2016 Newsletter- Industry Night Survival Guide

This week our newsletter serves as your INDUSTRY NIGHT SURVIVAL GUIDE! If you purchased your ticket and are all ready for this Wednesday, congratulations! We are so excited for you to benefit from SUE's largest and most important event of the year! Please ensure you have responded to all emails from SUE requiring response and that you have all the information you need about what to expect and how to get there. If you did not purchase your ticket, we hope you can come to other SUE events we have lined up for this semester. This is still a valuable newsletter for learning how to make the most of a professional networking event. A quick note before we share the tips and tricks to making In

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