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Hello SUE members, This is a call for resumes for positions on the Fall2016-Winter2017 SUE executive team! If you have ever wondered what it’s like to help run SUE or even to volunteer with a student club this is your chance to find out! We are looking for enthusiastic and capable students who are ready to put their unique skills to work in this influential and resourceful club. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to your program and student body. You will learn important practical skills which will be sure to impress future employers, while you watch your own ideas for how to improve Economics students’ university experiences become reality. No matter your interest and no matter y

SUE March 7th Newsletter- A Harvard Lecture and an Interview Workshop

In this week’s newsletter we give a quick run down on Harvard professor Nathan Nunn's presentation "The Evolution of Culture and Institutions: Evidence from the Kuba Kingdom", and give you details on the "Accenture Career Development Workshop", a workshop designed to teach you how to interview successfully. Scroll down to read more about each topic. But first, a quick note on elections. Over the past week the SUE facebook page has featured various roles on the SUE executive team. Nomination packages will be available through facebook and our website on Friday. You can also check out more in depth profiles on current SUE executives to find out what it's like to be on the team on our websit

My SUE Story: Meet Director of Communications Maurice Cuny

What degree do you hope to graduate with? (what program are you in): I am in the last year of my B.A. Economics degree, with a minor in Biology. I plan to graduate at the end of Winter 2016. Where are you from originally?: I grew up in Lloydminster, AB. It’s a pleasant town on the border of Alberta and Saskatchewan. It takes about 6 hours to drive there from Calgary. Since my family and childhood friends are there, I often visit whenever I have a chance. Why Economics? In my first year, I took my first introductory Economics course and absolutely enjoyed it. Economics answered a lot of the questions that I often pondered. I wondered, “Why do we form governments? Why are there monopolies

My SUE Story: Meet Executive VP Patrick Rosser

49 What year are you in?: 5th What is your position with SUE?: Executive Vice President Describe your job with SUE (in as few words as possible): Supervision, project coordination, support for President, review of initiatives. What is your favorite part of working with SUE?: Building a community. Why Economics, and was it your first choice?: My first choice was Vet Med. I didn’t find the passion for it that I had hoped for. I ended up failing surgery portion of clinical skills. It was a blessing. I kind of fell into economics and found my passion here. What degree do you hope to graduate with? (what program are you in): Econ, Bio, Public policy Masters Where are you from originally?: Edmonto

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