Why choose Economics as your Major?

My Journey As a grade 12 student finishing off my last semester high school, I chose Economics as my major by fluke, or so I thought! For one of my final essays in Social 30, we were assigned to write an essay on Economics, specifically on various economists and how the economy works. The material was interesting enough and I ended up writing a solid essay but didn't think much of it considering I had so much else on my mind, specifically one burning question; WHAT MAJOR SHOULD I CHOOSE? This question is something every academic high schooler with post secondary aspirations must face. Although the question itself is simple enough, the answer has a significant impact on the next chapter of yo

S.U.E. Mentorship Program

Hello University of Calgary Economics community! We are through the first week of the new school year; and whether it was a struggle or a walk in the park, we all need a little guidance sometimes. The SUE is pleased to be offering a unique mentorship program by experienced econ students for newer econ students here at UofC! If you are in your 2nd year or higher and have enrolled in economics courses you qualify to be a mentor. If you seek more guidance, that’s okay too! If you are a student and any level in UofC economics you can sign up to be a mentee. Our program provides structure ensuring a suitable match up and regular communication between mentors and mentees, with the goal of integrat

Interested in Working for the Bank of Canada?

The Economics department is hosting the Bank of Canada for an information session. The Bank of Canada is recruiting BA and MA students in their final or heading into their final years at the U of C! If you are in Economics or Finance and are heading into your final years then this event is for you! Or if you are in Computer Science, Mathematics, Statistics, or Commerce with a specialization in Economics or Finance then you also qualify. The information session will be held in room SS423 on Tuesday September 20th from 5:oopm-6:30pm. Please dress professionally as this is a potential networking opportunity. To learn more or apply prior to the session click here. If you want more information fe

Honours Economics Room Grand Opening!

The Economics department is excited to be unveiling the Honours room in the Social Sciences building! This is an exciting new study space meant for Honours students to enjoy as a community. If you are enrolled in the Honours Economics degree or taking courses that fall under the Honours stream (Econ 387, Econ 389, Econ 495, Econ 497, Econ 557, & Econ 559) then you are invited to attend the grand opening Wednesday September 21 at 4:00pm in room SS 351! Light refreshments will be provided. We hope to see you there!

Welcome Back Fellow Economists in Training

Welcome to the first S.U.E. blog update of the 2016/17 University of Calgary school year! New students, we are the Society of Undergraduates in Economics here at UofC and there are some great perks to being a member. If you visit us at and obtain a $5 membership you will have access to resources such as an exam bank, study groups, and special events! University can be tough at times, but surrounding yourself with resources for success and a community just like you can make a huge difference. Upholding this community is our goal as an organization. Returning members can attest, we had some great events last year including our annual Industry Night Gala, where members of lo

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