So What Can You Do With Your Economics Degree?

So What Can You Do With Your Economics Degree?

As a university student, one of the most intimidating questions that you can be asked is

“What are you planning on doing with your degree after convocation?” If you’re the type of

person who doesn’t necessarily plan ahead, you’re probably thinking that you have no idea

and are just trying to get through your Intermediate Economic Theory Courses. If you are

the planning type, you may have some general ideas of common career options you have

already heard of such as consulting, government economists, and statisticians. You might

even plan to go further with your education by applying for law school or an MBA program.

Either way, it’s important to know that as a student studying economics, you are a very

good candidate for many jobs.

You have learned how important parts of the world

(businesses, industries, governments) function and are prepared to analyze them. You

inherently have a strong mathematical background, as well as a strong analytical and

evaluative background. You are already prepared to do multiple jobs even outside of your

degree area having built those skills through various Econ classes you have taken.

However, the question still stands: What can you do with your economics degree?

Well, that is what this blog is for! We want to explore multiple paths, gain perspective from

different levels of areas and keep you as well informed as possible. This will be a biweekly

blog with every post focusing on a different area to consider within Economics and beyond.

As any good blog goes, we want to know where your interests lie, we want your feedback!

Please email SUE ( or leave a comment about

anything you would like us to post about. Cheers!

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