October 13, 2015 Newsletter

Hello fellow Econs and happy belated Thanksgiving! You are likely feeling overwhelmed by looming midterms and more turkey leftovers than you can eat. But fear not! Though we ask you deal with your excess turkey on your own, SUE is here to help with both your short term stresses as a student and your long term success as an economist! These last weeks SUE's focus has been on the question 'what makes an Economics degree valuable?'. Although a big part of our focus is on your academic success it is important to remember that success as an Econ student is not just measured in GPA. The first of many posts on our blog about this issue titled "So What Can You Do With Your Economics Degree?" asks what should be an answerable question. Economist Todd Hirsch spoke this week on the value of an arts degree and what separates it from other degrees.Your value as future economists will be in your ability to think critically, your desire to communicate your ideas and opinions, and your community network with other economists. These are the exact ideas on which we shape SUE events.

We want you to take advantage of the variety of events we host, both academic and career-oriented, that are designed to build up your communication, creative, and professional skills. Although it can be hard to remember the long term goals of an economics degree with all the short term demands of being a student, we encourage you to take advantage of everything this degree and this club has to offer in preparing you for your real world role as economic thinkers.

Keeping this theme in mind, these are the upcoming events designed to make community and skill building easier for you. Scroll down or check out our website for more information on the following SUE events:

  • Student-Prof Mixer

  • CV (academic resume) Building Workshop

  • Mentorship Program

  • Tuesday Study Sessions

These are opportunities designed to help you understand why Economics is an important field of study, how you can excel while earning your degree, and where you can go once you have your degree.


Have you ever wanted to get to know your profs in a less formal environment? Do you wish you knew what made them choose economics? Do you wonder what it is your profs do when they are not teaching? Then this is your chance! Join us for an evening of fun community building with a variety of professors from the economics department. Stayed tuned for more details regarding location and time. We expect to host this event on October 29th, but stay informed on our website and facebook page for finalized details.

CV (Academic Resume) Building Workshop

As students, building a professional CV (curriculum vitae) is vital to getting a career once you have your degree. This workshop, which SUE will host in the end of November, will be a laid back guide for building a standardized and accurate representation of your academic experience. This is the first of a series of workshops SUE will be running to build career/interview skills for Economics students in order to turn their degrees into successful careers. Stayed tuned for more details and a finalized date on our website.


The mentorship program designed to build a supportive community for incoming economics students has been a true success in its initial year. Mentors and Mentees are encouraged to stay in touch as the semester progresses. Keep up the good work everyone! Stayed tuned for more information on another Mixer night like the one held on September 24th. We are still looking for lower year Economics students to join our mentorship program as mentees. Signing up as a mentee gives you access to an older Economics student who will help you transition into your degree by offering advice, connections, and support. For mentors, this is a great way to gain experience (and resume material) in a leadership role and help ensure the legacy of our program. We highly recommend you participate!


We are still running our TUESDAY STUDY SESSIONS! Come to SS 403 every Tuesdayevening from 4:00pm - 6:00pm for a guaranteed space to study alongside your peers. We have found Economics is easiest to learn when talking concepts through with other people. Whether it's working on assignments or studying for midterms, this is a great source for learning. Tell your friends from your Economics classes, all year levels and majors are welcome! This is a great way to build community with your peers and learn to work alongside other economists.

We look forward to seeing you all soon, and best of luck during midterm season!

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