Ever Wonder What it is Like to Work for a World Class Investment Company?: Find Out at S.U.E.'s

Find out what it is like to work for a world class investment company at S.U.E.'s Fidelity Investments Information Session! Food will be provided!

Fidelity Investments is a world wide investment company that employs thousands of economists across the globe handling over two trillion dollars of investment dollars. Chances are many of you either have your or your parent's money invested through Fidelity.

SUE is proud to be hosting a Fidelity professional on Monday October 26th from 12:00pm to 2:00pm in EEEL 151 to share with students information about Fidelity. For the first hour you can listen to them speak about their experiences within the world-renowned company. Hear from an experienced industry professional about what it is like to work for a world-leading, international investment company. Information includes what it looks like to work for Fidelity Investments in particular, what opportunities there are for interested students, and how it looks to work as an economist in the real world in general. Opportunities are not limitted only to Economics students as Fidelity also employs thousands of business professionals and software engineers. For the second half of the event, the floor will open to student questions. This will be a valuable opportunity to ask any questions you have about Fidelity Investments, investments in general, and what it is like to be a working Economist. If you are at all curious about what it takes to be successful in the investment world, this is an event for you. Take a study break and take advantage of this rare opportunity to learn how you could impact the lives of investors, and what will lead to success in a career as an investor through Fidelity Investments.

Find out more before the session on Fidelity's website: www.fidelity.ca

We look forward to seeing you there!

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