CV and Resume Building Workshop

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Career planning is always a difficult thing for students to commit to thinking about while worrying about courses. But knowing how to successfully transition from university to the job market is key to your success as economists. Come out for SUE's exclusive CV and Resume building afternoon at SS 403 on November 27th 3:00pm - 6:00pm.

The first half hour will consist of an informative talk dedicated to teaching students how to write effective cover letters and the differences between a CV and a resume. You can expect to learn how each should be formatted for maximum effect and why both are so important during your current and future career applications in the economics profession.

Career specialists and peer support will also be on site to peruse student's CVs and resumes, make one-on-one suggestions, and to help refine them for whatever specific applications you are pursuing. All aspects of this seminar will be focused on Economics students and our particular needs because this is a SUE event. This event is particularly valuable if you are interested in learning about:

  • Directed CV's for Grad School Applications

  • Pointed cover letters for specific application situations

  • Directed Resumes for internships and employment

  • Co-op programs and how to apply

We highly recommend that anyone reaching the end of their program, or hoping to apply for student jobs in the upcoming semesters and summer to attend this extremely practical event!

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