December 7th, 2015 Newsletter ~Christmas Edition~

Dear Club Members,

‘Tis the week before finals and all through the school, Not a student is sleeping due to schedules most cruel. The SUE fall events have been hosted with care, Thanks to all club members who chose to be there. This week we reflect on all as a club we have done, Since September the eighth, when all this begun. First there was clubs week with students so keen, To join and gain access to our exam bank supreme! But for many, SUE fun had already started with a bam, As dozens were part of our first ever Mentorship Program: Designed to put students together as mentees and mentors, We hope this has metaphorically opened new doors.

The participants’ success and hard work was celebrated, As, to the program, two separate mixers were dedicated. You can look forward to the program carrying into the New Year, And we will early on meet up to be filled with good cheer.

This semester weekly study sessions were also a thing that occurred, (Though we’re not entirely sure that everyone heard) To that we can say with confidence that we highly recommend, That in winter you and your closest study buddies attend!

One event we know everyone seemed to find interesting, Was the information session we hosted on Fidelity Investing. Listening to speakers who currently work for the company, Many of you learned how easy it can be for economists to make money.

As we moved to the end of October, SUE also threw an event, At which both students and professors were present. This mixer marked a unique opportunity for professors to speak, About themselves rather than just the material they teach.

It was an afternoon of stories and friendly advice, And to which only listening ears were the price. The free doughnuts and coffee, which were also included, We really enjoyed as the short speeches concluded.

While we are speaking of professors and further education, There are some of you who wish to wait before working for corporations. For you, Dr. Menard came for a visit all the way from UBC, To tell you how you can get a Master's in Food and Resource Economics degree. Our plans to prepare you for post grad did not stop there, As we hosted an event for you to plan job applications with care. This event was a CV and resume building crash course, With one on one time with experts as a valuable resource!

One particular event made our club community come alive,

As so many of you selflessly donated to the Campus Food Drive. Thank you for helping those on campus in need, We were truly proud to, as a club, have done such a deed.

With the busyness of school it can be hard to remember, All that we did since the start of September. Thank you for all the events you attended, We hope that, like us, you found them quite splendid. Remember that you are such a large part, Of this society and what gives it heart. Because of that, we honestly ask you all to remember, To share your ideas and recommendations as members.

Also, our Industry Night is coming up in February, And you can be entered to win prizes if you buy tickets early! Two bookstore gift cards and free admission are up for you to win, Though our great speakers and guests should be enough to make you grin. If you are concerned about how you will arrive at the off campus site, Fear not, transportation has been planned due our fantastic foresight! The gala will be on Wednesday, February the 3rd, To learn more, go to our website (on whichever device is preferred). After this reminiscing I hope you agree we can be glad, For the great fall semester that the Society of Undergrads in Econ has had. We are excited for what a fantastic semester winter will make, So Merry Christmas to all, and to all a good break!

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