February 1st, 2016 Newsletter- Industry Night Survival Guide

This week our newsletter serves as your INDUSTRY NIGHT SURVIVAL GUIDE! If you purchased your ticket and are all ready for this Wednesday, congratulations! We are so excited for you to benefit from SUE's largest and most important event of the year! Please ensure you have responded to all emails from SUE requiring response and that you have all the information you need about what to expect and how to get there. If you did not purchase your ticket, we hope you can come to other SUE events we have lined up for this semester. This is still a valuable newsletter for learning how to make the most of a professional networking event. A quick note before we share the tips and tricks to making Industry Night more than just a night out- SUE will be holding a General Business Meeting on Monday, February 8th at 10:00am. We ask that if you are a member and are able to attend that you do, as we will be voting in our updated constitution and bylaws.This is an important step for SUE to stay an effective, legal, and professional club that best serves you students. Advanced polling will be available all day on February 5th for those who cannot make it on the 8th. We ask that you please participate! You can read the drafts of the new constitution and bylaws later this week on our website. Here are our tips you can scroll down to learn about to make SUE's Industry Night Gala a success for you!:

  • Dressing for Success- What exactly does Business Formal mean?

  • Networking 101- How to make the most of your time with potential employers and professionals

  • The Who-is-Who of Industry Night- Who will be there and where you can learn more to prepare and impress

DRESSING FOR SUCCESS- What exactly does Business Formal Mean?

The dress code for Industry Night is Business Formal. This means absolutely no jeans! (The Silver Springs Country Club will not allow you entry). Here are a couple of great links to learn more about dressing Business Formal: A guide for both male and female dress, and a guide for business formal for women specifically. In general it is important to remember that the event will be roughly five hours long, meaning that being comfortable in your formal clothes is important for making the most of the evening. Wear clothes that fit well and present you in a clean, simple, professional, yet personal manner. Remember that first impressions are extremely important and you do not want to be remembered for a distracting or inappropriate outfit or (heaven forbid!) an embarrassing wardrobe malfunction! Guys- a full suit is recommended but if you do not own a suit jacket you need at the very least a sophisticated tie to go with your collared shirt. Dress as if going to an important job interview. Girls- remember that you want to come across as professional. Short and/or overly tight skirts and very high heels give the wrong impression. It is very rare for main stream media to depict appropriate business formal wear for women. So instead use this link as a great guide for what clothing will communicate your professionalism.


How to make the most of your time with potential employers and professionals

The key to effective networking is to present yourself in the best way possible: approachable, intelligent, and attentive. This image shaping begins with how you dress and carry yourself (ideally with confidence) and ends with how engaged you are in your conversation. Do not get overly anxious. Though your networking is important and could lead to a potential job opportunity, it is important to stay relaxed and natural. Treat Industry Night as a learning opportunity for future networking. Keep conversations professional, treating your time more like a job interview than like a beer with a friend.Be personable and a good listener. Make sure you are prepared with some knowledge or questions specific to their experiences. Try to stand out, not by talking the whole time and dominating the conversation, but by being thoughtful and insightful in your questions and responses. For more tips on networking check out this Forbes article on an Introvert's Guide to Networking and this Business know-how article on The Secrets of Effective Networking.

The Who-is-Who of Industry Night-

Who will be there and where you can learn more to prepare and impress

We are so lucky to be hosting a diverse group of economists and professionals at the Industry Night Gala! This provides a unique opportunity for all of you to meet and network with a wide range of professional economists! You will get to hear speeches from keynote speakers Dr. Ron Kneebone of the School of Public Policy (learn more about Dr. Kneebone in this exclusive interview by SUE's own Busola Fapojuwo) and Todd Hirsch, Chief Economist at ATB (in picture above). You will also meet other professional economists including those from the environmental, academic, health, and oil industries. There will be a professional at each dinner table where you will be able to ask them questions and engage in intimate conversations about their take on economics.After dinner, there will be round table discussions where students will rotate from table to table. This means everyone gets a chance to hear from each economist in order to more easily identify who they wish to network with afterwards. You can easily google and/or search for the guests on LinkedIn. Preparing some questions and knowing a little about each professional is an ideal way to get the most out of Industry Night! Guests include Todd Hirsch (ATB Financial), Ron Kneebone (School of Public Policy), Shamus Hardie (AER and recent UofC graduate), Ian Bell (Fidelity Investments), Constantine Zakrasov (BP), Rick Pender (Virtex Group), Ed Vojtassak (Suncor), Joanne Roberts (University of Calgary), Doug McClintock (University of Calgary), Jeffrey Church (University of Calgary) and more. We wish you all the best of luck and we will see you on Wednesday

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