My SUE Story: Meet VP of Finance Jeff Fong

What year are you in?:

Currently I am in my 3rd year of economics

Where are you from originally?:

I am originally from Calgary!

What degree do you hope to graduate with? (what program are you in):

I hope to graduate with a BA in Economics with a concentration in Applied Energy Economics.

What is your position with SUE?:

I am currently the Vice President of Finance with SUE.

Describe your job with SUE (in as few words as possible):

My job in SUE is to manage the club’s finances, develop the relationship with current corporate sponsors and to connect with the Economics alumni of the University of Calgary.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?:

I really love to cook!

Why Economics, and was it your first choice?:

I went into economics because I wanted a more holistic understanding of why the economy fluctuates and what forces contribute to this change. I was originally in Haskayne but I transferred to Economics later.

What is your greatest piece of advice for other students?:

My greatest piece of advice for other students is to join clubs like SUE early in your academic career. Joining a club lets you meet other like minded individuals and is also a great place to develop skills that you don’t learn in the classroom.

What do you wish you had done differently during first year?:

If there was one thing that I could have done differently first year, it would be that I wish I had been more adventurous. In first year I never joined any clubs and I always hung around with people that I was comfortable with. After joining different clubs on campus later in my academic career I was able to meet some extraordinarily gifted and inspiring individuals that taught me how to be successful at both school and life. It really showed me that you can always learn something from everyone.

What is your favorite part of working with SUE?:

My favorite part of SUE is being a part of an ambitious and kind community.

What is your favorite Econ course and why?:

My favourite Econ course is Econ311. The reason why this is my favorite course is because it teaches you skills that you can apply to more than just Econ. Being proficient in Excel lets you be much more efficient at doing so many things and is definitely an important skill to have.

What is your favorite non-econ course?:

My favorite non-econ course is PSYC345.

What is your favorite SUE event this year so far?:

My favorite SUE event this year is Industry Night.

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