SUE February 22nd Newsletter- Industry Night, Elections, And You

Before we get started, you are all invited to a SUE student mixer happening in the Red Room at the Den THIS THURSDAY February 25th from 4-6pm. Bring your smile, thoughts on economics and friends as we kick back together with our peers!

In this week’s newsletter we discuss "What was so important about Industry Night?", "SUE Executive Team Elections" and "What does it look like being a SUE executive?". Scroll down to read more about each topic, including a couple of personal interviews with current SUE executives about their experiences and advice for those interested in joining the team and for econ students in general. Keep an eye out for more in depth profiles on SUE executives on our website in the coming weeks to learn what it looks like working on the SUE team!

What was so important aboutIndustry Night? You can read a full review and breakdown of Industry Night here on our website under News/Events. Industry night exceeded many students’ expectations and we have received many thank you emails from members about what an awesome opportunity it was to network, talk to unique professionals, and hear from great speakers. However, I think many students do not see the biggest reason why Industry Night was so impactful. The true success of Industry Night was that it gave students a glimpse into what it feels like to be a part of the U of C Economics community.

Every SUE event is designed to bring us all together in a way that impacts our experience here in university while leaving a legacy on the school itself. The student mixers (like the one this week!), the mentorship program, the food drive, weekly study hall, the student-prof mixer, etc- all of these events were designed with community-building in mind. I hope that all of you who felt the impact of being in an economics community focused on making the world a better place will be encouraged and spread the word about that awesome feeling to other econ students. I encourage you all to try and recreate that feeling of closeness and ambition with your peers on a regular basis. I’m sure you’ll agree it is such an unbelievable feeling! It can be as simple as creating a study group is a challenging course, or attending SUE events. But,for those of you who want more out of your university experience, I strongly recommend running for a position within the SUE executive team.

The 2015-2016 SUE Executive Team

SUE Executive Team Elections You may be asking "How can I get involved? How do I become a part of this community?" Good news- SUE elections are right around the corner! If you believe in building the economics community you are exactly the right person to run for a position with SUE. Many of you have approached current SUE executives expressing your interest in joining the team. Over the next couple weeks we will be updating you on the simple steps it takes to become a SUE executive. Start thinking about the vision you have for SUE in the upcoming year. Build your campaign early and start asking your peers about what they want from SUE. Being on the team is not always easy, but the positions are definitely not hard.What is most important is that you have a passion for Economics and for building that community we’ve been talking about for your peers. To get a better idea of what it's like to be on the executive team, here are some in depth perspectives from some current SUE executives:

What does it look like being a SUE Executive? Click to read the full interview under News/Events and meet Jeff Fong, the current VP of Finance

Ian Bell (left) with Jeff Fong (right)

Here are some of the things Jeff said in his interview about his experiences with SUE: Describe your job as VP of Finance: My job in SUE is to manage the club’s finances, develop the relationship with current corporate sponsors and to connect with the Economics alumni of the University of Calgary. What is your favorite part of working with SUE?: My favorite part of SUE is being a part of an ambitious and kind community. Greatest piece of advice for other students?: My greatest piece of advice for other students is tojoin clubs like SUE early in your academic career. Joining a club lets you meet other like minded individuals and is also a great place to develop skills that you don’t learn in the classroom. What do you wish you had done differently during first year?: If there was one thing that I could have done differently first year, it would be that I wish I had been more adventurous. In first year I never joined any clubs and I always hung around with people that I was comfortable with. After joining different clubs on campus later in my academic career I was able to meet some extraordinarily gifted and inspiring individuals that taught me how to be successful at both school and life. It really showed me that you can always learn something from everyone.

Click to read the full interview under News/Events and meet me Tiara Kerr, the current Director of Communications

Here are some of the things Tiara said in her interview about her experiences with SUE: What made you want to join SUE?:

I saw how few students knew about SUE and had access to the great events that were being hosted and I knew that I could help fix that. I also wanted to make a positive impact on my school overall. I was used to being in a community of really involved students from my time at Trinity Western University.

Describe your job with SUE: I don’t really have a set job the way that the VP’s do, so I kind of help out everywhere I can. Though my primary responsibility is keeping up marketing material like this newsletter and blog posts, I also do lots of odd jobs like helping run events, attending to SUE promotional tables, and communicating with members. Basically I'm available for anything they need me for.

What is your favorite part of working with SUE?: I am able to make a positive impact on the U of C community, specifically for my fellow econ students. I am able to help provide for them opportunities that I missed either because they weren’t available to me or I was too lazy to take advantage of them.

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