My SUE Story: Meet Executive VP Patrick Rosser


What year are you in?:


What is your position with SUE?:

Executive Vice President

Describe your job with SUE (in as few words as possible):

Supervision, project coordination, support for President, review of initiatives.

What is your favorite part of working with SUE?:

Building a community.

Why Economics, and was it your first choice?:

My first choice was Vet Med. I didn’t find the passion for it that I had hoped for. I ended up failing surgery portion of clinical skills. It was a blessing. I kind of fell into economics and found my passion here.

What degree do you hope to graduate with? (what program are you in):

Econ, Bio, Public policy Masters

Where are you from originally?:


What is the most challenging this you’ve learned while doing your job for SUE?:

Not really a challenge, but I’ve learned that too many people sell economics students (and students in general) short when it comes to their motivation and participation in activities. Hopefully we’ve changed that perception.

What is a student resource you wish more students would know about/take advantage of on campus?:

SUE Tuesday evening study sessions/study hall and the professionals in the student success center.

What is your favorite Econ course and why?:

Econ 481- Behavioral economics. All the little things that don’t make sense in classic economic thought become much clearer when you integrate behavior into the equation.

Favorite non-econ course?:

Cellular Biology.

Favorite SUE event this year?:

Industry Night.

Greatest piece of advice for other students?:

Focus your class choices on your future goals and on subjects that interest you as much as possible.

What is something people would be surprised to learn about you?:

I am a classically trained guitarist and can play any instrument that has strings (including violin, cello etc)

Are you involved in other clubs?:

Not this year but I’ve been involved in many over my time in University. Being President of the Spanish Language club at Grant MacEwan was my favorite.

Favorite place to study?:

Out at the farm.

Favorite place to eat on campus?:

The Den.

What is the best job you ever had?:

I was a corporate chef for Arichem (out of NYC) and was afforded the opportunity to work in London, Paris, Barcelona, NYC and Napa Valley.

Worst job you ever had?:

Executive chef at the Shell Scottford Refinery in Fort Saskatchewan.

Is there a song, book, or movie that changed your life?:

Edelweiss from the sound of Music. Personal reasons.

What do you wish you had done differently during first year?:

Nothing, my first year was amazing. Met lots of new friends and developed a strong peer network that I still keep in contact with to this day.

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