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Hello SUE members,

This is a call for resumes for positions on the Fall2016-Winter2017 SUE executive team! If you have ever wondered what it’s like to help run SUE or even to volunteer with a student club this is your chance to find out!

We are looking for enthusiastic and capable students who are ready to put their unique skills to work in this influential and resourceful club. This is a fantastic opportunity to contribute to your program and student body. You will learn important practical skills which will be sure to impress future employers, while you watch your own ideas for how to improve Economics students’ university experiences become reality. No matter your interest and no matter your level of experience we look forward to hearing what you could bring to the SUE team! This is a unique opportunity to work alongside your fellow students in a fun, dedicated, and truly impactful team.

To submit your application please email your resume and a brief statement for why you believe you would make a good candidate for the position to by 11:59 pm on Friday, April 1st. Be sure to indicate which position you are applying for. Selected candidates will be contacted for an interview sometime in the week following the deadline.

Summary of executive positions

Executive Vice President: ​

This​ position is essentially to be the right hand of the President. You are responsible for ensuring the clerical/administrative duties of the club are met. This includes maintaining records, ensuring deadlines are met, and checking up with VP's to ensure their needs are met and that they meet their responsibilities. This position requires a higher level of commitment than the other VP Positions, however, you get to experience a wider variety of club responsibilities and get to contribute more to the core planning of the direction of the club.

​You will be in very close communication with the President as you will fill the gaps wherever the President needs you. ​

If you are passionate about SUE and have very strong leadership, communications, and time management skills we would love to hear your plans for helping SUE achieve greatness!

Vice President Positions: T​hese positions require dedication, creativity, and strong leadership. Each VP is responsible for a unique portfolio and meeting the responsibilities set by the President by working with the Directors they oversee.

  • ​VP Finance:

  • Responsible for maintaining financial records and bank accounts of the society.

  • Will create and help the club follow the annual budget presented in September.

  • Responsible for overseeing the Director of Finance and Director of Corporate Sponsorship as well as coming up with creative solutions to budgetary problems should they arise.

  • Must attend weekly executive team meetings and stay in communication with the President.

  • Responsible for writing and submitting annual reports and funding requests to various organizations including the SU Annual Report.

  • VP Events:

  • Responsible for brainstorming, scheduling, and all other planning aspects of events

  • Must attend weekly executive team meetings and stay in communication with the President

  • Must work closely with VP Communications to advertise events and VP Finance to budget and pay for events

  • Will be a key planner of the annual Industry Night (along with other VPs)

  • VP External:

  • **Although we will be hiring for this position

​ later in the future​

, this position is a joint position with the added role of being the ECON representative in the Faculty of Arts Student Association. Details about the process and applications will be available following the FASA annual general meeting on March 31st. **

If you are concerned about time commitment, be assured that many very busy students have successfully been VPs. We understand all students have busy schedules and we are more than willing to work around them. If you doubt your ability to commit please seek one of the Director roles below instead.

Director Positions: These positions require less commitment and less self-direction as you will work with VPs on specific projects and hands-on tasks. If you are unsure of which position is best for you, simply indicate you wish to be a Director in your application.

  • Director of Communications: Overseen by the VP of Communications. This is a creative role perfect for someone with a passion for informing others. Through blog posts, social media posts, and bi-weekly newsletters, you will help ensure club members know the resources/events available to them.

  • Director of Administration: Overseen by the VP of Communications. This is an administration role perfect for someone who has basic computer and communication skills who is unsure of where they want to help SUE. You would be responsible for replying to club emails and maintaining basic records.

  • Director of Finance: Overseen by the VP of Finance. This is a role designed to ease the burden of the VP of Finance. You will help wherever the VP requires assistance. (See description for VP role above).

  • Directors of Academics: Overseen by the VP of Academics. These two roles will help the VP Academic run and maintain the mentorship program and the weekly study sessions. Other responsibilities will depend on the VP Academic’s needs.

  • Director of Events: Overseen by the VP of Events. This role is designed to be an assistant to the VP of Events in order to help meet their responsibilities. (See description for VP role above).

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