S.U.E. Mentorship Program

Hello University of Calgary Economics community!


We are through the first week of the new school year; and whether it was a struggle or a walk in the park, we all need a little guidance sometimes. The SUE is pleased to be offering a unique mentorship program by experienced econ students for newer econ students here at UofC! If you are in your 2nd year or higher and have enrolled in economics courses you qualify to be a mentor. If you seek more guidance, that’s okay too! If you are a student and any level in UofC economics you can sign up to be a mentee. Our program provides structure ensuring a suitable match up and regular communication between mentors and mentees, with the goal of integrating our mentorship pairings into the greater economics community both on campus and off! If you are interested in becoming a mentor or mentee please visit the mentorship page our website at for more details. Mentorship is a great opportunity and a learning experience for all, and both mentors and mentees are eligible to earn co-curricular credit.

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