Networking For Success! (Why an HR Manager Won't Hire You)


Hello again SUE members! We are getting to the point of the year where summer internships are opening up, and we all want to know how to get the job. Lucky for you the SUE is hosting a Networking How-to event this Wednesday! This event will take place in SS423 (4th floor of the Social Sciences building) and cover such topics as “Why an HR Manager won’t hire you” and “Networking for success”. The session will be hosted by Javier Vinsome, a career advisor with Diversity Services. Vinsome is also a Chartered Professional Accountant.

Internships are important to think about in the later years of your degree because they are a foot in the door to a full time job after graduation. They provide valuable career skills and signal your quality to potential employers. We all know the economic value of quality signals. Vinsome and the SUE are teaming up to help ensure that you get the job you are studying so hard for! We hope to see you this Wednesday, from 4:30pm-6:00pm in SS423!

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