SUE Newsletter September 2017

Hello Econ students!

A new year of study is upon us, and there is a lot to look forward too! The Society of Undergraduates in Economics is proud to offer many exciting events and opportunities once again this year, and we hope you all get a chance to participate. Don't forget to follow us on Facebook at so that you don't miss anything, and remember to purchase your $5 membership at

Message from the President:

To the Members of SUE and the entire University of Calgary Economics Community,

I am very excited to have the privilege of serving as President of SUE for 2017-2018. It is my absolute pleasure to welcome you into a new year with SUE.

As a club, our goal is to foster community and success, both academic and otherwise, amidst our members as well as the undergraduate economics students at large. In the past we have, in my opinion, very successfully worked towards this goal as an organization. In particular I want to thank the prior two administrations, those of Will Bui and Tiara Kerr, for putting us on the right path and really building a sense of community that we can all benefit from.

Moving forwards, I hope to continue along the path laid out these past years. In specific I hope to grow our community, reaching more students than before. In addition, I intend on branching out and building stronger ties to the professional economics community. If you wish to join me in working towards a better community for economics undergraduates please feel free to come to any of our events, join the club or even simply contact us and let us know your thoughts.


Liam Lindsay

President, Society of Undergraduates in Economics


The SUE Mentorship Program:

One of the most important and well-known programs that SUE has to offer is the Mentorship Program. The Mentorship Program was created to connect students that are just coming into the economics program with more experienced students in economics. The goal is for newer students to make a smooth transition and be able to connect with upper year students, building friendships and helping them with any questions they may have. This year we are taking a different approach to the program where we will start in a group setting and over time try to group individuals together. The idea of starting out in a group setting is to get all the students comfortable with the situation and make everyone feel welcome. We will start the meeting with ice-breakers and fun activities to help get everyone comfortable with each other. As the meetings progress, there will be more individual and group events hopefully progressing to individual parings or groupings. This is a new approach that we are taking in the Mentorship Program and we hope to gain greater success from this method. The first group mentorship meeting is Wednesday, September 27th at a time that will be announced, it will be a great way to meet friends and like-minded people in the economics program. From there more Mentorship meetings will be scheduled around once a month. If you are someone in your beginning years of the economics program, or are just interested in economics, we encourage you to join the Mentorship Program. Also, if you have an interest in sharing your knowledge with students who are not as familiar to the economies program this is a great opportunity for you. If you have any suggestions to improve the program as well join or contacting SUE would be greatly appreciated. We are still looking for mentors and mentees so if you are interested you can sign up at or contact us through our Facebook page for more information.

Calendar of Events:

Campus Expo

Tuesday Sept 5, 2017, 12:00 pm

TFDL Quad area

Clubs Week

Sept 18-22, 2017

MacEwan Student Centre North and South Courtyards

Welcome Back Den Mixer

Monday Sept 25

Group Mentorship Meeting

Wednesday Sept 27

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