Industry Night 2018

We’re moving deeper into the semester and that can only mean one thing- Industry Night is approaching! This year Industry Night will be held Tuesday, February 6th. Tickets are still on sale, and you can purchase them here for $45 for members, or by contacting one of our executives. Your purchase includes a delicious meal, transportation to and from campus, and of course the opportunity to network your heart away! Once you purchase your ticket, you’ll receive an email with a few questions pertaining to the evening. After answering those, this blurb will be all you need to feel confident going into the event.

First things first: the attire. As this is a business formal event, we expect all our attendees to look the part. For you gentlemen out there, this means dress pants, dress shoes, a button down shirt, and a tie if you so choose (but save the tacky one for the office holiday party). If you have the means to do so, we recommend you wear a suit jacket or blazer of some kind, but you can still look polished without one. As for the ladies, there is a lot more free range, as long as some guidelines are followed. Nothing too tight, too revealing, no heels too high, and nothing too overstated. Dresses, skirts, and pants are all completely acceptable, as are both flats and heels. For both parties, no jeans, khakis, t-shirts or casual shoes will be permitted.

Once you’re through the doors and looking your best, it’s time to mingle. This part is largely dependent on your personal style, but here are a few tried and true tips. A good smile goes a long way, a firm handshake showcases confidence, and approaching a professional first is often seen as impressive initiative. There is absolutely no need to be anxious, these industry professionals are people, too, and simply getting to know them can go a long way throughout the night. This is, of course, a networking event, but don’t feel the need to rush into things right when you enter the room. The round table discussions will help you feel your way through the evening.

The keynote speaker this year is Jack Mintz, who was appointed the Palmer Chair in Public Policy at the University of Calgary from 2008-2015 and Director of The School of Public Policy. He was also President and CEO of the C. D. Howe Institute from 1999-2006, among many other achievements.

We hope to see you there! As always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’ll help you however we can.

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