Innovation Hackathon Webinar Sign-up

Innovation Hackathon Webinar Sign-up

Hello everyone! There is a new event SUE is putting out this year called the "Innovation Hackathon". This new event will take place in October, however, since it will be the first time SUE will have an event like this, we thought we could hold a webinar in case anyone were to have any question regarding the Hackathon. See below to see how you can sign up for the webinar!

Innovation Hackathon Webinar

Sponsored by Suncor, this Webinar will give insight into the NEW SUE Innovation Hackathon event happening in early October. This Innovation Hackathon is for those who have completed Econ 201/203, however, anyone who is interested in participating in the event hopefully next year is welcome to join us in this webinar to have any questions answered. This webinar will be held on Monday September 13, 2021 from 12:00 pm to 1:00 pm. The Zoom link will only be given to those who sign-up using this Google Form:

I hope everyone is just as excited as I am for the upcoming academic year. Looking forward to seeing you there!

All the best,

Leianne Gingco


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